Dirty Boogie


Ben Janzow - Lead Vocals, Guitar

I live in Waukesha where I enjoy giving guitar lessons, biking, hiking, chai tea, cooking Thai food, Spotted Cow beer, Jagermeister, watching The Office, I also make an amazing Mocha.

I started playing guitar and singing in bands at age 13 doing shows in basements and backyard parties playing songs like "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "Talk Dirty To Me". I've written over 100 songs and played in several original bands.

I'd like to meet: Kate Hudson, Jack Black, and the original lineup of Foreigner.

Would like to travel to: Hawaii, Australia, and one day live in San Diego.

Dislikes: Waiting in lines, overcast weather, Foreigner, hangovers, food poisoning.

Original career aspiration: Guy getting shot out of canon in circus. My dream at age 5.

Currently giving guitar lessons six days a week in Waukesha.

Robb Syverson - Bass, Vocals

I also live in Waukesha where I enjoy the fabulous spring water, gardening, playing with my dog, barbecuing, and spending time with my wife and son.
The perfect day is one spent working in the yard with my family and a brisket on the smoker.

I started playing the guitar at the age of 7 and performed regularly at retirement homes in my preteen years (no joke). After high school I got a gig playing bass in a wedding band which was the big turning point for me as far as identifying myself with the bass as my focus for music although I haven't let go of having six strings.

I'd like to meet: Albert Einstein, Victor Wooten, and Jack Black too.

Would like to travel to: Norway, Thailand and one day live in Jamaica.

Dislikes: Long car trips, non-factorable polynomials, and Celine Dion

Original career aspiration: To be the Incredible Hulk or to be an exotic car sales person.

Currently, in addition to my music career, I'm working as a high school math teacher and have my masters degree in Educational Technology.

Tom Hagen - Drums, Vocals

I live in Waukesha where I spend my time fishing, motorcycling, outdoor cooking and playing the COWBELL, I got a fever.

I got my start playing drums at 3 or 4 years old. When my first kit wore out, I used pots and pans for drums and eventually advanced to using vinyl albums for cymbals. In middle and high school I played in the school bands as well as the Waukesha South marching band - yes I wore that goofy hat with the feather in it. I've been playing in bands continuously since high school (taking time out for meals of course!) Dirty Boogie is the 15th band I've been and and is my favorite.

I'd like to meet: Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr, Mel Blanc and the telemarketer who keeps calling me so I can smack him one.

I'd like to travel to Australia, Europe and back to Hawaii, someday maybe to live in Nashville

Original Career Aspiration: Catching guitar players shot out of circus cannons "CANNONBALL!!!" (stay after a show to understand this one) 

Dislikes: Long lines, flat tires, mosquitoes, fiberglass underwear and getting caught with my pants down in the middle of Main Street

Currently, I'm a journeyman carpenter by day, drummer by night and someday hope to find the time to share my talent and teach drums. (I do have a part-time temporary on call job as a fill in for "Captain Chaos")